A video of a couple locked in an intense dispute has caused a stir among netizens. In the clip, a woman repeatedly kicks a man, thought to be her partner, whilst he is kneeling on the ground.

7腳港女狂踩頭 跪地男友喊晒口【PG家長指引】【花園街街坊、的士大佬召喚】↓↓網上流傳緊一段與當年「14巴港女」不相伯仲、向男友拳打兼腳踢嘅暴力片段。喺噚日凌晨3點,旺角花園街近弼街,有個「踢拖男」喊晒口咁下跪同叩頭,但疑似女友都唔領情,仲踢佢個頭又叉頸,再一巴巴咁車埋去,咁啱有部載滿客嘅的士(車牌LMxx1x)經過,唔知佢同啲乘客,睇唔睇到發生咗咩事呢?仲有,花園街樓上嘅蘋民,你哋又聽唔聽到發生咩事呢?若果你 未覺荒謬 被傳聞談論的瘋子挽著手…唔知踢拖男,仲會唔會耿耿於懷從前的愛呢?=========================跟實我哋【現場 - 蘋果突發 】就會知更多社會事#花園街 #14巴港女翻版

Posted by 現場 - 蘋果突發 on Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The incident occurred on Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok late on Tuesday night. The man weeps and begs the woman not to leave him, though the clip ends with the woman saying, “don’t touch me. I told you to leave me alone.”

mong kok fight

One commenter said: “Ridiculous. They should do it at home, not bothering other people in the middle of the night.” Another wrote: “Maybe he likes being kicked by beautiful legs?”

In 2013, a similar video shot in Tokwawan involving a kneeling boyfriend went viral.

YouTube video

It is unclear whether the incident in Mong Kok was reported to the police.

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