Over a hundred students from local universities marched from the University of Hong Kong to Government House on July 16.

Protesters demanded amendment of the laws that make the chief executive the head of all publicly funded universities. They also urged the government to review the composition of the schools’ governing bodies in order to “safeguard institutional autonomy.”

《學界遊行…與此同時》Student Demonstration … Meanwhile《學界遊行…與此同時》Student Demonstration … Meanwhile上星期四,學界遊行至禮賓府,要求維護院校自主及修改大學條例,警方中途攔截,拒絕讓­隊伍走到正門。對峙後學生抵達禮賓府東閘,遇到擁護梁振英擔任校監的建制人士。學生:「其實我們看到現時的大學條例有很多問題,就以港大為例,我們的校務委員會的組­成都是6+1由行政長官委任,多為校外人士,而校內人士如老師和學生也只佔很少的比例­。」愛字輩:「我很怕你們日後找一份好的工作也很難。小朋友!牛奶仔!你們還未戒奶嗎?」

Posted by OutFocus Productions on Saturday, July 25, 2015

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