A suicide bombing in east China’s Shandong Province killed three people and injured 24 on Sunday night.

Shandong suicide bombing
Scene of the suicide bombing in Shandong. Photo: qq.com.

Police said that the blast, which took place in Huxi Park in the city of Heze, Shandong Province, was caused by an unemployed local resident. It remains unclear what materials he used to cause the explosion.

Scene of the suicide bombing in Shandong. Photo: Weibo.

The suspect, 33-year-old Jie Xingtang, reportedly blew himself up near the west gate of the park. After suffering from liver cirrhosis for many years, his medical condition is reported to have worsened recently despite several hospital admissions. Police said he was single.

Police reports state that Jie and one other victim were killed on the spot. Three of the 24 wounded also sustained serious injuries.

Photo: dzwww.com.

Police added that officers and paramedics arrived at the scene immediately after the explosion.

Location of the explosion in Shandong, China. Photo: Google Map.

In 2013, another man from Shandong detonated bombs strapped to his body in Beijing’s international airport. He reportedly committed the attack as a form of protest to force an investigation into alleged police brutality.

It was reported that he had been beaten by security officers in Guangdong in 2005 but barred from lodging complaints to the central government. He survived the explosion and was subsequently sentenced to six years in prison.

Update: As of Wednesday morning, a third victim has died from the explosion.

Eric Cheung

Eric Cheung

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