A video of what appears to be prank against an elderly man is causing a storm on social media.

Hong Kong prankster

The video shows a man sat outside a convenience store, presumably taking advantage of the air conditioning. After checking to ensure he was not being watched, another man – seemingly of South Asian descent – then pours liquid over the old man’s head.


Posted by 靚抽王 Bull Shxt King on Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The elderly man immediately jumps to his feet in confusion. Curious passers-by try to help him figure out what happened, as one witness feigns ignorance, asking, “is it water leakage?” The cameraman, apparently an accomplice, can also be heard in the clip.

One commenter said: “I’d commend you if you did that to the police,” whilst another said: “the old man was just sitting and enjoying the air con. He didn’t bother you. Why did you pull such a nasty prank on him?”

Others drew attention to the ethnicity of the prankers. One netizen said: “Don’t accuse us of discriminating against ethnic minorities. [They’re] troublemakers.”


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