People Power legislator Albert Chan Wai-yip was on Wednesday charged with obstructing police officers during a small protest outside the China Liaison Office last June.

He is due to appear in Eastern Court next Friday.

His political party this morning demonstrated outside Western District Police Station in support of Chan, displaying a banner that said: “Civil disobedience is not a crime; shame on political prosecution”.

People power western police station
People Power protesting outside Western police station. Photo: People Power, via Facebook

Chan was one of four activists notified on Monday that they would be arrested in relation to last year’s demonstration outside Hong Kong’s China Liaison Office, when protesters were seen burning replicas of the Chinese State Council white paper on “One Country, Two Systems”.

Raphael Wong protesting
Raphael Wong during the protest outside the China Liaison Office last June. Photo: Apple Daily

Vice-chairman of the League of Social Democrats Raphael Wong was charged on Tuesday with obstructing police, under the “Offence Against the Person Ordinance” and faces a maximum penalty of two years in prison.

Student activist Joshua Wong Chi-fung and leader of Hong Kong Federation of Students Nathan Law Kwun-chung have yet to report to police.

Raphael Wong charges
Police document listing the offence Raphael Wong is charged with. Photo: Raphael Wong, via Facebook

The white paper on One Country, Two Systems emphasised China’s “overall jurisdiction” over Hong Kong, and stated that the city would only enjoy autonomy in areas decided upon by the Chinese government.

Critics argued that the paper undermined the One Country, Two Systems agreement, and said China was eroding freedoms guaranteed to Hong Kong until 2047.

Last updated: 15:16, July 8, 2015

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