The latest edition of cola flavour has bewildered consumers in Japan.

The weird “eel-flavoured” cola, which is produced by Kimura Drink, will be sold in Japan’s Shizuoka prefecture. A 240ml bottle will cost ¥200 (approximately HK$16.6).

Japan's eel-flavoured coke
Japan’s eel-flavoured coke. Photo: 木村飲料株式会社, via Facebook

Japan’s Asahi News reported that eel extract is added to the carbonated beverage to give the taste of kabayaki eel. The beverage will be sold in shops along the highway in Shizuoka Prefecture starting from July 21. It also reported that the company took three years to develop this new drink.

Internet users offered mixed responses towards this new product launch.

This Twitter user commented: “Cola in Kabayaki eel flavour? Interesting. Sounds terrible though.”

This user said: “I wonder what that guy was feeling and thinking when he came up with such an idea.”

Another Twitter user was curious about this latest edition:“Eel-flavoured cola? What is this? Does it taste good?!”

This is not the first time weird flavours have been added to the refreshment favoured by many people around the globe.

Kimura Drink has produced a “green tea-flavoured cola” before, using green tea produced in the Shizuoka Prefecture. The drink has since been exported to other places, including Taiwan.

shizuoka green tea cola
Photo: Kimura Drink

Coca-Cola also introduced a coffee-flavoured cola in 2006.

Photo: WikiMedia

The beverage was sold initially in the United States, before entering the European market. It was discontinued in 2008.

Additional reporting by Mui Chin Hang

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