Taiwanese authorities said on Monday that the “colour party” which ended in tragedy was held at a site where the owners changed its use without prior approval from the government.

Foremosa Water Park
Foremosa Water Park.

The Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei City said that the Formosa Fun Coast, which held the tragic event, was only intended for organising water events. It said that site owners must obtain approval before allowing other events to be held at the venue.

It added the Fun Coast leased the site to “colour party” organisers without prior approval from the authorities. Organisers reportedly withdrew all water from the swimming pools for the event.

The Tourism Department also said that the site went through an emergency drill just last week. However, it said the drill only covered emergencies that would result from water events.

According to its website, the Formosa Water Park labeled itself as the largest water park in Southeast Asia with an area of 9 hectares. It was opened in 1989.

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The Formosa Fun Coast is currently under mandatory suspension until further notice. As of Tuesday morning, Taiwanese officials have not arrested anyone from the Formosa Fun Coast.

Five organisers of the Colour Party event were arrested and are currently on bail.

This comes as a 20-year-old Taiwanese woman, Li Pei-yun, died on Monday afternoon after receiving burns to 90% of her body in the tragedy. She became the first person to have died from the explosion.

Her 12-year-old brother, who also attended the function, is now being treated in a Taiwanese hospital. He remained in serious condition.

Mayor of Taichung visiting the victim
Mayor of Taichung visiting Li Peiyun before her death. Photo: Stand News

The Hong Kong Immigration Department said on Tuesday morning that it has confirmed a sixth Hong Kong victim involved in the accident. It said the victim was a Hong Kong resident who had migrated to Taiwan. It added that officials will provide necessary assistance to the victim.

Also, two of the Hong Kong victims involved have left Taiwan for Hong Kong and Shanghai with assistance from Immigration Department officials. The remaining four remain hospitalised in Taiwan.

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