A YOUNG HONG KONG designer has invented the never ending book (see pic). Lai Yu-sing’s cleverly designed volume is based on a circular spine, and so anyone who starts reading just goes on and on eternally, never reaching the end.

Depending on what the actually book is, it could be delightful—or a total nightmare.

Now all we need to do is create a text that makes use of this unique property.

Perhaps the Hong Kong government can use the PolyU-developed book format for a white paper it could call: “Finish This Book To Complete The Essential Stages Towards Having Democracy In Hong Kong”.

Never ending book

THE BLUE SKIES IN HONG KONG this week are stunning, just perfect weather for seven billion people to walk around staring down at their phones.

OVER AT LIBERTY, the bar at Exchange Square, my banker friends were yesterday discussing the proposal that Apple should buy Greece.

“Apple has more than US$190 billion in spare cash,” said one. “They could buy the place, turn it into a holiday home for their users. And with Apple’s amazing skill at massively overcharging customers, they’d soon get the economy going.”

New name for Greece?

How about “iBeaches”™?

THE MERS SCARE seems to be over. I was never worried, even if it came here. Hong Kong has more experience than anywhere else of eradicating our home of dangerous infestations.

We got rid of bird flu, we got rid of SARS, we got rid of the British, we got rid of democracy, we got rid of gangnam style, right?

WHEN I HEARD last week that food inspectors had found China-originated meat that was more than 40 years past its expiry date, I thought, wow, they go to the same supermarket I do.

As I’ve said before, I’ve seen food items there that aren’t just dried out, but are actually FOSSILIZING. I sometimes visit my local Park N Rob just to show my children how mineralization works: “See how microstructural features are retained, so that people in ten million years can trace the early evolution of the Hong Kong msg pie?”

YET DEEP DOWN I am always secretly happy to read about retail products being exposed as rubbish. This is because I am a shopping hater, or “male”. Fate has played a cruel trick on me, placing me in a family with three Olympic-class shoppers, or “females”.

Scientists say that this is evolutionary, with men being hunters and females being gatherers.

CAVEMAN: “Cook this sabre tooth tiger leg for my dinner.”

CAVEWOMAN: “Cook it yourself; me and the girls are off collecting shells to make primitive necklaces.”

IT USED TO BE just pizza, but now Hong Kong is full of bikers delivering all sorts of food. Which leads me to this joke: Q: What do you call a person who delivers Indian food? A: Currier.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Why do armed soldiers at airports wear green and brown camouflage? Shouldn’t they dress up as overpriced gift shops?

SEND ME IDEAS, comments, anecdotes to check out—bye for now.

Nury Vittachi

Nury Vittachi failed to win the Man Booker Prize this year. He also failed to win the Pulitzer Prize. He hopes to make it a clean sweep by failing to win the Nobel Prize for literature. He does not live on The Peak with 20 cats and a parakeet called Trixy. He is not strange.