Hong Kong anti-gay protesters have launched an online petition against a US Supreme Court decision that gives American same-sex couples the right to marry.

Friday’s landmark decision sparked triumphant gay pride celebrations around the world. But not everyone in Hong Kong was pleased with the ruling.

Roger Wong Wai-ming, leader of anti-gay-rights group Family School Sexual Orientation Discrimination Ordinance Concern Group, has initiated a petition to repeal the court’s ruling, which the group says is “against righteousness and human rights.”

The petition, which the group will later present to the US Consulate General, argues that “same-sex marriage legalisation is against human rights.” It warns that parents’ rights to freely choose an education for their children will be violated, as school curriculums teach children to “appreciate the homosexual lifestyle.”

Family School Sexual Orientation Discrimination Ordinance Concern Group demonstration. Photo: FSSODOCG Facebook.

“We urge that every person in every country, including USA citizens, should express disagreement to this judgment from the Supreme Court, based on the principles of human rights and righteousness,” the petition states.

“We urge the relevant parties in USA to stand firm and proceed the appeal on every possible means, in order to overrule such judgment!”

Equal Opportunities Commission Chairperson Dr York Chow Yat-ngok told RTHK on Saturday that “Hong Kong cannot avoid the question of same-sex marriage.”

Convenor of the Executive Council and former EOC chair Lam Woon-kwong said it was inspiring how progress toward equal rights had become a worldwide trend.

An anti-LGBTQ protest in 2013.

As to whether Hong Kong could see similar progress, however, Lam said that the territory needs time to build a social consensus before any legislation can be tabled.

LGBT advocates maintain that the territory must first approve legislation to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Rainbow Action spokesman Tommy Chen has written that the local LGBT community “continues to face alarming levels of discrimination and harassment in society.”

The weight of public opinion, however, is in favour of such legislation, according to a 2012 EOC survey, which found that 60 percent of Hong Kongers support legislation against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Such discrimination was brought to the forefront earlier this month when the territory’s first openly gay legislator, Raymond Chan, suffered a tirade of homophobic abuse aboard an MTR train.

Ryan Ho Kilpatrick

Ryan Ho Kilpatrick is an award-winning journalist and scholar from Hong Kong who has reported on the city’s politics, protests, and policing for The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, TIME, The Guardian, The Independent, and others