The Chinese military is building Tiananmen Square replica in preparation for the scheduled military parade in September.

Inside Yangfang Town in northern Beijing, a so-called “parade village” was built for the army to practice for the event. A Tiananmen Square replica, which is slightly smaller than the actual Tiananmen, was seen inside the area. Chinese media reported that security was tight in the area with the military stopping any trespassing or unapproved flying activities.

Tiananmen Square replica as seen inside Yangfang Town. Photo: Sina News
Gate leading to the Tiananmen Square replica. Photo: Sina News

A banner signaling the ban against any unapproved flying drones was also seen hanging in Yangfang Town.

A banner in front of Tiananmen Square replica. Photo: Sina News
Workers seen inside Tiananmen Square replica. Photo: Sina News

According to Chinese media, four “parade villages” have been built in Beijing ahead of military parades. The military units taking part in the 2009 parade were trained at Shahe Airport in Beijing’s Changping district.

Eric Cheung

Eric is currently a Bachelor of Journalism student at the University of Hong Kong. Eric has his finger on the pulse of Hong Kong events and politics. His work has been published on The Guardian, Reuters and ABC News (America).