Apple Daily: “Can Hong Kong avoid the misfortune of Tibet?”

Written by Lee Ping, the editorial draws attention to the pro-democracy camp now having to deal with a vengeful Central Government, and the “barbaric governance” of Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying. Lee hopes that calm heads will prevail for Hong Kong to avoid the kind of oppression seen in Tibet.

MingPao: “Uncertain circumstances befall Hong Kong; all sides must reflect to find a way out”

MingPao calls out the 28 legislators who voted down the resolution for causing the end of “Hong Kong citizens’ 30-year dreams of universal suffrage,” highlighting the significance that the pan-democrats now represent a minority view.

Hong Kong Economic Times: “Put down the burden of political reforms; fight for Hong Kong’s way out first”

HKET notes a less hostile reception than expected to the result, with public attention shifted by the farce of the vote itself. In addition to focusing on social and economical issues, they appeal for dialogue between Beijing, the Hong Kong government and the pan-democrats.

Newpaper hong kong
Local newspaper headlines.

Oriental Daily: “Don’t waste time and effort; even when blossomed there is no flower”

On the “darkest day in Hong Kong’s democracy” the Oriental Daily paints the pan-democrats as the “killer of universal suffrage” and says they should be “pinned to history’s pillar of shame,” but also question pro-establishment parties’ efforts to get the package passed.

SingTao: “Break free of the deadlock for oneself and for Hong Kong; pan-democrats needs to give up non-cooperation”

SingTao quotes the National People’s Congress Standing Committee’s statement, accusing the legislators who voted down the resolution of doing so for “personal benefits.” In an attempt to cause the pan-democrats to lose the one-third veto power in the next Legislative Council elections the central government is likely to provide further support for pro-establishment social groups.

Tai Kung Pao: “Pan-democrats vetoes political reforms, impossible to move universal suffrage”

Tai Kung Pao issues a veiled threat to pan-democrats who vetoed the package, calling them the calamity of Hong Kong society and “One Country, Two Systems,” and warning they will pay for it in the future.

Wen Wei Pao: “Pan-democrats must bear historic responsibility for strangling  universal suffrage”

Wen Wei Pao strongly criticises opposition legislators for blocking Hong Kong’s path towards democracy, and reassures readers that with the “unwavering support” of the central government Hong Kong will gradually achieve universal suffrage and long term prosperity, and that anyone who attempts to cause harm to Hong Kong will not succeed.

South China Morning Post: “Reform package’s defeat is a time for hope, not despair, in Hong Kong”

Raising doubts any further opportunities for democratic progress in Hong Kong or of improving governance and Hong Kong-China relations, the SCMP calls for “reconciliation and cooperation” between the pan-democrats and Beijing.

Arthur Lo is an undergraduate student currently on a gap year. During Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement protests, he worked as a fixer, translator and producer for foreign media outlets such as Al-Jazeera.