Both pan-democratic and pro-Beijing camps have scheduled protests outside the Hong Kong Legislative Council (LegCo) compound ahead of vote on political reform bill today.

Legislative Council Hong Kong
Legislative Council building in Hong Kong. Photo: WikiMedia

Pan-democratic group Civil Human Rights Front said it would organise a “rolling demonstration” outside the government buildings. The group anticipated that around 1,000 people would attend.

True Democracy for Hong Kong has also put up banners in the protest area outside LegCo.

Pro-Beijing group Silent Majority for Hong Kong also scheduled a protest ahead of the voting. Silent Majority leader Robert Chow said he believes “several thousand” people will join their demonstration.

LegCo increased its security level by issuing an amber alert following the latest risk assessment. Police have also heightened preparation ahead of the possible scenarios outside the building, and police officers were seen entering the complex to help ensure its security.

LegCo will start reading the controversial political reform bill from 1pm.

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