A new poll has found that 45% of Hong Kongers support the proposals for the chief executive elections, with 40% opposing the deal.

The poll, administered by the University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Polytechnic University, were carried out from 11 to 15 June and is the most recent poll to have been conducted ahead of Wednesday’s vote on the Government’s political reform proposals. A total of 1,111 people were interviewed.

The University of Hong Kong, one of the three universities holding the rolling survey. Photo: 马克爱生活 via flickr.

The survey also indicated that interviewees with a higher level of education tend to disagree with the Government’s proposal, consistent with previous results. The opposing rate of those who attained tertiary education or above was close to 60%, while those supporting was a mere 32%. Interviewees with secondary and primary education or below showed an opposing rate of 37% and 20%, with a supporting rate of 50% and 53% respectively.

The poll also showed the interviewees’ clear political stances. Interviewees who were inclined towards the Pro-Beijing camp had a support rate of 97%, while the opposing rate of those who favour Pan-Democrats showed was at 80%. As for those who held moderate political views, the support rate was 50% and 37% of them opposed. Interviewees who claimed not to be politically inclined or were neutral held a support rate of 52%, substantially higher than the 34% who disagreed with the proposal.

Robert chung ting yiu
Robert Chung Ting-yiu, Director of HKU POP. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Robert Chung Ting-yiu, Director of the HKU Public Opinion Programme, indicated that one should not interpret the poll’s results politically. “The poll itself takes a neutral stance. If it is involved in political disputes and non-academic criticisms, it will not be beneficial to Hong Kong in the long-term,” Chung said during an RTHK interview on Tuesday morning.

Legislators are set to vote on the Government’s political reform proposals for chief executive elections on Wednesday.

Paul Benedict Lee is an undergraduate law student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Paul has previously contributed to HK Magazine and Radio Television Hong Kong, covering issues ranging from local heritage conservation to arts features. He has also worked as a legal intern at local human rights firm Daly & Associates.