A baby boy was rushed to hospital and saved by rescue workers Saturday morning, after he was found dumped in a rubbish bin in Beijing’s Haidian District.

The baby’s father was arrested for alleged murder of the baby boy.

The Beijing Times reported Monday that the baby boy only weighted about 800g. He was rescued by staff at the Beijing Emergency Medical Centre, and immediately rushed to the Peking University Third Hospital for treatment.

The newspaper reported that the baby was wrapped in a pink towel. The baby’s body size was only doubled that of the doctor’s hand.

Ambulance car in Beijing
File photo. Photo: WikiMedia

Police have reportedly located the abandoned baby’s parents. The Beijing Times quoted a staff in the Peking University Third Hospital as saying that the mother was being treated in the hospital when rescuers found the dumped baby. The baby has now returned to his mother, the newspaper reported.

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