Seven traffic accidents occurred within one hour at the Kowloon-bound Tai Po Tolo Highway near Kwong Fuk Estate on Monday, according to the Apple Daily. Twenty vehicles were involved in the accident, with two of the accidents resulting in five injuries. There were no reports of serious injuries.

The first accident reportedly occurred at 7:26am, involving a car heading towards Kowloon along Tolo Highway. When the car drove near to Kwong Fuk Estate, the 39-year-old driver surnamed Wong failed to brake while trailing a motorcycle. The accident resulted in a rollover. Motorcycle driver Mr. Ho and passenger Ms. Lai, aged 46 and 38 suffered minor injuries. They were sent to the hospital after reporting to the police.

tolo highway victim
A female victim is brought to the hospital.

The first incident was thought to have caused another collision at the same location one minute later. Eight cars trailing along the left lane collided as they attempted to cut across lanes. One driver and two passengers aged 33 and 43 suffered minor head and chest injuries from the accident. They were sent to the hospital for treatment upon reporting to the police. Five further accidents occurred shortly afterwards, though no injuries were reported.

The police closed off three lanes after the first two accidents, leading to traffic congestion along the Kowloon-bound direction. After towing the vehicles an hour later, the lanes were reopened and traffic conditions resumed gradually.

Paul Benedict Lee is an undergraduate law student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Paul has previously contributed to HK Magazine and Radio Television Hong Kong, covering issues ranging from local heritage conservation to arts features. He has also worked as a legal intern at local human rights firm Daly & Associates.